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Secure Shares
- for Jira

This Addon is a contestant for the Atlassian codegeist: https://codegeist.devpost.com/.

Sharing issue data can be hard. Several problems arise.


LDAP/Firewall/VPN/Signon/Permissions etc. needs to be set up. This plugin avoids that, by leveraging a custom web-service.

The web-service in the Cloud (ssfj.io) securely communicates data from the Jira Server to the end user. The connection is protected through SSL, and on top of that, the issue data is also encrypted with a key only known to the Jira server and the end user. This means that the web-service knows nothing about the communication. It only operates as a messenger of protected data.

To share issue date is now simple: Open a Sprint view, backlog, KANBAN view. Click the Secure Shares button, and click share. A small wizard opens up, where the user can select fields to share. Finally a Link is created, that the Jira user must send to the end user.

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