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Data security and privacy policy


The following statement applies for our Cloud apps:
Koncis IVS provides services delivered by established third-party providers. Koncis IVS delivers these services through the Atlassian Cloud remote app framework Atlassian Connect. Koncis IVS will always use appropriate measures to protect Personal information. We take reasonable effort to guard Personal Information, but we cannot guarantee that information, during transmission through the Internet or while stored on our systems or otherwise in our care, will be safe from intrusion by others, such as hackers. In addition, we cannot guarantee that any passively-collected Personal Information you (the End User) choose to store in our SaaS Products (Cloud apps) are maintained at levels of protection to meet specific needs or obligations you may have relating to that information.


This statement applies for our Server apps:

Koncis IVS provides downloadable products (Server apps), which are installed in the End User’s premise. The End User is responsible for securing access to the data they store in the Server apps, Koncis IVS is not responsible for this. Furthermore, Koncis IVS does not have any access to any of the End User’s content in these Server apps.

When having problems or questions related to our apps, you may contact our Customer Support team. Depending on the issue we may request server log files, configuration files, database query results or other type of diagnostic information, which you are free to give to us.

Those are only used to analyze and solve your individual issue. After the issue is resolved, those are permanently deleted from Midori's internal storage.

Data Storage (Cloud apps)
People and access (Cloud apps)



All content created by Koncis IVS Cloud apps are stored in a established Cloud Storage Solution. At times, Koncis IVS may temporary cache some configuration information required for the operation of the Cloud apps.

All data in our Cloud Storage Solution is backed up weekly.



Koncis IVS’s Cloud apps have limited access to customer data and access is programmatically negotiated during the app installation, through Atlassian Connect protocols. The Cloud apps only access the information required for providing our services. Only data generated by our Cloud apps may be temporarily retained by our Cloud apps for caching purposes only.

Koncis IVS’s Cloud apps are designed to allow app data to be accessible only with appropriate credentials, such that one customer cannot access another customer’s data.

Koncis IVS’s have access to Koncis IVS’s Cloud apps and may access customer data only for purposes of Cloud app debugging, performance check, maintenance and troubleshooting, and upon customer request via our support system. Within Koncis IVS, only authorized employees have access to data. This does not apply to Koncis IVS’s Server apps.

Cloud apps hosting

Koncis IVS uses DigitalOcean (, a leading cloud platform, as a service provider for hosting its Cloud apps. DigitalOcean’s security statement is available here: This does not apply to Koncis IVS’s Server apps.


The collected information may be disclosed only if we are required to do so by law, or if Koncis IVS is merged or sold to another company.

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